Point 40: Final Cut.

Centre Number: 69559                   Candidate Number: 4745                   Edward Lachlan Wright


Eight: The Audience Feedback Task.

Also film your classmates giving feedback on your film and post this.


In terms of youtube analytics you can see where we first chair it on social media as there was a large spike in views. We can see that that most of are viewers are from are from Western Europe but in the when you look at the more in depth your can see that there is vower from all over the world.

I actually thought that this average viewer duration was quite satisfying, considering that our film was 2 minutes. Because in this era, peoples attention span when watching film is very short. Due to the influx in things like vines.  Also, the majority of people watched it to the end, it could have just been people who stumbled across the film and it wasnt what they were looking for, therefore they turned it off quickly, resulting in the average time falling drastically.

Six: What Have I Learnt Technology Wise.

For this project I used a combination of different technologies. The final Peace was filmed on a  Nikon DS5300 as this was the best camera that we could get at the time of filming as it has a very good sense as well as a lot for manual controls that helps use with some of the more tricky shots. When presenting my work I used WordPress which you can embed links and YouTube clips in using HTML. When working on group work we used Google Docs. This was so that we could both work on the same document at the same time. As well as this, I have used Prezi and Slideshare to present other work. These three internet based services can be embedded into WordPress and will auto update each time you change something onto the blog. When it came to the editing, initially we used iMovie but this turned out to be not up to standard so we ended up using Final Cut Pro.

When creating an Ident and playing cards I used Photoshop to create a logo. When it came to moving raw footage, if we had missed exporting a clip to our laptops I used dropbox to share it with Tom and later used Google Drive. When creating the music for the video we initially looked into free use of music but couldn’t find anything to suit what we wanted so we used Garageband to create our own. On top of this when editing photos to have no background I used Preview.

Five: How did we Address the Audience.

We used basic means of advertising in the digitally advances world. Social media played a large part, as we shared our film on Facebook in order to get constructive feedback, so that I could improve the film before making a final edit.  By posting our edits onto Facebook, it helped raise awareness for our post on Youtube, as it was a link to the Youtube video that we posted on our Facebook. This helped us to gain more views on Youtube, we gathered close to 30 likes and over  120 views on Youtube over the first 2 days which was quite good.

We used tags to attract our audience on Youtube, as it is a good way to get a viewer who is in our target audience to stumble across our video, as they are likely to be searching some of our tags into youtube.

Overall good feedback, and useful. As they gave us ideas on how we could improve in the film.